Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY Yoga Pants

We have seen them all over and they are killer cute!  We have enjoyed some crazy printed maxi skirts and have loved them because they are the comfort of pants but dressy enough for outings, now we have these cute pants.  I love these because you can wear them with a cute top, not just a t shirt, because of the fun and wild prints they come in.  I have been wanting to make some for a while, cause with my 6 foot tall body, pants don't fit me right.  Again I take matters into my own hands and solve my tall girl problems.  Just like the maxi skirts, I knew these was a must for me.  So Today I decided to finally do it.  I have a ton of fabric left over from my summer maxi skirts just itching to be cut up.  So I did it.  And I thought I would share with you all as well. 

What you will need:
2 yards of light weight cotton lycra.  I bought mine HERE
a pair of pants you already like the fit of
serger/sewing machine with zig zag

With the right sides together, fold the fabric, then again.  Place the long side of your pants right on the fold.

You will only be cutting on the crotch side.  Cut and follow the pattern of your pants.  Depending on how stretchy your fabric is, you may want to take the seams in.  I had to cause my fabric was more stretchy than my pants I used as a pattern.

Then cut your waist band the same way you did the pants and 15 inches long.

Now unfold your waistband so you have the front and back pieces.  Sew the two sides together on each side seam.

Now unfold your pants so they look like this.  Sew up each crotch ( the short curved sides).

 now turn your pants so those seams you just did are now in the middle and line up your pant legs.

sew from the bottom of one leg up through the crotch and back down the other side.  Trim the bottoms incase it is uneven.  I left my bottoms a free edge since it is such light weight fabric and it doesn't fray.  Then take your waist band and fold it so the wrong sides are together making a tube.  Take the edges and place them inside the waist of the pants lining them up.  Sew/serge the waistband to the pants.  This will be your fold over waist band.  And you are done!  How awesome.  This was even quicker than making the maxi skirts because I didn't have to hem.  These are so comfy and cute and LONG!  Yay!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Canvas DIY

I'll be the first to admit that I hate spending money on something I know I could make easily and without a lot of money and time spent on it.  There are just some things I know are better to be bought and I will be happy to admit that as well.  Everyone has their thing.  I will happily buy a quilt, or quiet book, cause the thought of making it makes me want to poke my eyeballs out with a rusty screw driver.  Ha ha.  When it comes to art, I do it.  I am an artist and have grown up drawing for hours at my small, wooden table in the room up stairs under the window while the sun shined through those cheap plastic blinds.  That passion turned into loving the detail of still life.  I could sit and draw every single crack in the brick of the house across the street, or my complete backyard even the pile of fire wood next to the shack.  That soon turned into drawing faces.  Faces of those pretty celebrities in the magazines, then my first portrait was of my cousin that had passed away when I was 12.  That is when I really knew that I had it.  The gift.  I have been able to do so much with my portraits.  I have been able to help a lot of people through my portraits.  With that, I have learned to love all things crafty.  Almost all things.  Like I said earlier, there are some crafts that are just not for me. 

  So as I was browsing through pinterest for some DIY ideas in décor.  I came across a sweet canvas that wasn't in the DIY section, but I knew I would like to make it.  an I love You canvas.  If you can write you can do this project.  What I like is that it doesn't have to be "pretty" handwriting.  If can be chicken scratches.  The only thing it requires is repetitive, writing.  So I did two different styles with two different quotes.  I used simple Acrylic Craft Paint in black right on the white canvas.  Simple and I did two in a matter of about 30 minutes. I like how it turned out and I am excited to put it up in a permanent location in my new home in January! eeekkkk Im gitty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Girls of Royal Bowtique

             SIZE XL Signature Haute Mess Oversized TeeRoyal Bowtique Classic Canvas Zipper Tote in Black & White. Turquoise Bullet Stone Fan Necklace

Do you love accessories for you and your mini?  Home of the "Royal Haute Mess" tee and the "Mini Royal Haute Mess" tee, Kylie Wright and Spencer Giles know how to spice up you and your little in some of the cutest apparel and accessories Phoenix has to offer.  Not only are they a great duo, they give back.  Unfortunately, Spencer is suffering from Kidney failure and is set to have a kidney transplant on October 3rd.  Her sweet sister, Kylie, is a match and is able to be a living doner and donate her kidney.  How cool is that.  If that isn't bonding, Im not sure what is.  They will be debuting a tee where they will be donating the profits to Donate Life.  I love this.  Isn't that why we are here?  To help others?  I feel that is how we know true love by giving what we have to those who need it.  This is it people.  This is it.  Knowing love is giving life.  In all ways. 

* You are a sister duo right?  How did you decide to work together?
Yes we are!  We are also best friends so its fun for us to work together.  The best part is we have completely different styles so it totally helps in the design process.

* How did you come up with your business name?
We literally decided on the name in five minutes.  We loved it.  It sounded we went with it.

* What is your background in fashion?
I've always loved everything about design.  I knew that I needed to work in something that allowed me to be creative.  In college I worked as a makeup artist for Chanel.  I learned SO much about style, business and branding.

*What colors do you just swoon over every time you see them?
Black and White!  Simplicity

*What is your ideal "me time"?
coffee and yoga!!

*What is your favorite thing about Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market?
The sense of community!  This is my third year doin the show and every time I am so inspired.  Coley and Lindsey do such a great job of bringing everyone together.  Whether is is through the vendor nights, poster party or even through social media they bring the community together to support each other.

*Have you had any of your followers recognize youw hile your out and about?  If so tell us about your "celebrity" moment!
We have had a few moments, but the best is when we see people out and about in our products!  We change our hair accessories so much so when we see them out and about we can usually tell when people bought them.  ITs awesome whenwe see one from a few years ago.

Well that's it peeps!  Be sure to stop by their booth at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market this Saturday at West World in Scottsdale!  If your not local, you can visit their shop HERE and be sure to follow them on Instagram.  They are doing giveaways for the next couple days to get ready for JITT.  Also if you buy a RB tote you get a discount at their booth the whole day!  RUN!!!

Boho Bracelet Stack: Brown, Coral , Lime, Turquoise & Gold                  Mini Floral Flower Halo: WhiteWomen's Black & Cream Lace Button Boot SocksAmerican Flag Scarf

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet Emily- The Banner Shoppe

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented business owners and creatives.  Meet Emily from the cuteness we all know as The Banner Shoppe.  Amazing tasseled banners and burlap goodness.  Her accessories are the perfect touch to any occasion.  I even shot her a picture of my creative space (or the lack of décor) and said "I need you".  She of course is willing to beautify my space and I am excited for it.  I have one of her burlap patriotic banners I love so much.  Goes right along with my rustic theme.  She is a ton of fun and hilarious.  So I want you to meet her!

So, Emily!  How did you come up with your business name, The Banner Shoppe?
  *I started making banners about 5 years ago, and selling them in boutiques around Phoenix, but never really had a name for them.  Many times I would be working in my kitchen during the day and friends would pop in.  I would say to them "Come in the the Banner Shop!" to hopefully get them to over look my messes!  When it came time to put them online, it seemed pretty fitting to call it The Banner Shoppe!

What is your background in Fashion?
  *I have no background in fashion.  People like me, who have no skills in that area, hire the professionals to help them along.  Ha ha!!

What colors do you just swoon over every time you see them?
  *Red and Teal, or Pink and Gold!

What is your ideal "me time"?
  * While I wish there was more "me time" to go around, I really love sitting y the side of a pool with a Diet Coke in my hand.  No books, No music, just the quiet.  I also write a family blog, and if I have the little spare time, I love to write about the happenings of my family and my children!  Makes me feel a little more productive while relaxing!

Now don't forget to you Phoenix Locals, Emily and her banners will be at Junk in the Trunk in just a few days on the 20th!!  So be sure to follow her Facebook and or Instagram for details and such!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Henny & Coco!

Meet Jennifer of Henny & Coco.  I met her in March at Phoenix Flea, an amazing market for all things vintage, art and crafts, fashion and food.  We hit it off immediately and exchanged numbers and because Facebook besties.  We met for lunch soon after to get to know each other and I have loved every little part of her since.  She is beautiful, kind, creative, outgoing and fun. 
  Jennifer is the creator of the cute and stunning little company, Henny & Coco.  A great shop for girly things and pretties.  Her blog has fun fashion tips and DIYs.  Her stuff is sweet and refreshing.  Just like her.  We have been wanting to collab more together and get our businesses mingling with each other so I though doing a little fun conversation would be a great start. 
 Look at her amazing photos and read the fun interview.  Enjoy!

How did you come up with your business name?
  *Henny is my son’s nickname since birth and Coco is an alter ego Coco Chanel! 

Ha ha that's awesome.  I wish I had an alter ego.

What is your background in fashion?
   *I studied fashion design / merchandising in LA and have always been in love with anything to do with children’s fashion and trends from threads to goods.

So then in your studies, what information do you think you pull from the most

What colors do you just swoon over every time you see them?  
   *Funny question, I am such a classic girl.  I love black,whites and camel colors!!!

What is you favorite vacation spot? 

    *I love the Grand Del Mar in Del Mar, CA… it is gorgeous beyond words!

What is your ideal "me time”?  

    *Going to the spa for the day… I love quality me time  and try to make it happen often to keep myself on the right track as a wife, mommy, and business owner. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Junk in the Trunk VIP Ticket Giveaway!

Its just a couple week away and I fall asleep to the humming of sewing machines and cutting scissors in my dreams.  I just love Junk in the Trunk.  I have mentioned it before in a previous post HERE with some great shops to look for, so I am just going to get straight to the point. 

Who wants an all new VIP ticket to JITT?  This is a new treat they have brought to the goodie table of all things vintage, junk and crafty.  They cute girls of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market have brought  to you an exclusive deal for special people. 

$40 gets you the following on September 20th:

-Exclusive entry to the market at 7:30 am.  that's early I know, but you will need all day and you will want to get in early to snatch up the goodness that goes quick. 
-Access to VIP Line, this is the "Fast Pass" of JITT
- Junk in the Trunk Tumbler with Mama's Cold Brew at the door when you walk in
-20% off at Junk in the trunk Vintage Apparel all day long
- A reusable JITT tote bag to carry your junk
-A Be The Change tee at my booth in addition to 20% off your purchase at Bellapia Designs (This offer is only good for the winner of this giveaway)
-A day of fun memories :)

So Guess what?!!!! One of you lucky people will get to win this amazingness! 
To enter:
Post this giveaway on your instagram or Facebook accounts using the tag #JITTBPdesignsGiveaway and tag 3 phx local friends and leave a comment here on this blog post saying you did so along with your instagram handle (account name).  I will check to make sure you used the hashtag so make sure you did it correctly!!  Quick you have 2 days!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014


BP Designs Fall/WInter Collection is here.  I have worked so very hard to find amazing fabrics and prints that will set Bellapia Designs apart from the rest of the handmade community.  I feel like I did a great job and am very proud of the direction Bellapia Designs is going.  With that being said, here is an exclusive coupon code just for you!!  Enjoy 20% off your BP Designs order just for today!  That means the offer expires at midnight PST.  Use the code: BPDFW2014 at checkout.  Click http://bellapiadesigns.comHERE to start Shopping!